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Back to the Plant #3

One final image from this series of the W.H. Harris Water Treatment Plant. The grey dull day seemed to align with the austere nature of the building.


Nikon N90s, 17mm/3.5 Tamron SP lens
Kentmere 400 film

Back to the Plant

I have shot the R.H. Harris Water Treatment Plant in Toronto a few times, but never with the Tamron SP superwide 17mm/3.5 lens so out I went last weekend. The very grey, flat lighting gave an interesting look to a very interesting building.


Nikon N90s, 17mm/3.5 Tamron Superwide lens
Kentmere 400 film


Another image from a foggy day at the Beaches on Saturday. I was struck by this scene of a family in the distance looking out at the fog.


Nikon N90s, 105mm/2.5 Nikkor AI lens
Kentmere 400 film

Calton Hill

On our first day in Edinburgh (rather rainy and windy most of the time) one of the places we went was Calton Hill Park: an interesting location containing an offbeat collection of structures. This Greek-inspired structure caught my eye.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh


Voigtlander R body, 15mm/4.5 Super Heliar lens.
Kentmere 400 developed in Tmax Dev 1+9
for 10 minutes @ 20 C