Tag: JCH StreetPan 400


I like how the light in the trees sort of merges with the graffiti in the background.


Nikon F3, 75-150 Series E Nikon Lens
JCH StreetPan 400 film
1 hour stand development in Rodinal 1+100

Exaggerating Angles

The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal expansion of the Royal Ontario Museum was always controversial: a lot of people absolutely hated the look of this addition to a more traditional structure. From a photographic point of view though it offers a lot of possibilities. In this image (from the Open Streets event last weekend) I used my Voigtlander 15mm/4.5 SuperWide Heliar lens. This lens is among the wider in the 35mm format, and I like what it does with the already dramatic angles of this structure.


Canon P Rangefinder, Voigtlander 15mm/4.5 SuperWide-Heliar
JCH StreetPan 400 film, developed in Legacy Pro EcoPro developer