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Ice on the Shores of Lake Ontario

On Boxing Day (December 26th) of this year, I went with a couple of friends to the Beaches to shoot the ice that had built up along the water. The ice was amazing; the look and texture different from what I had seen in the past.

I used my Sony A7ii with an old Canon FD 200mm f/4 lens, which at the very least allowed me to not have to walk on too much of the slippery ice!

Ice Formations

The pattern of the waves made for some interesting ice formations by the water at the Scarborough bluffs. The spray would come up through the holes every time the wave hit the shore.

Hasselblad 500CM, 50mm/f4 Distagon lens
Kodak TMax 100 film, developed in Rodinal

The Sound of Ice

One more of the Ice in the beaches yesterday. One of the most interesting things was the sound the water made hitting the ice covered rocks. A very distinctive sound!


Hasselblad 500C/M, 150mm/4 Zeiss Sonnar lens
Rollei RPX100 film, semi-stand developed in Rodinal
1+100, 1 hour

Channeling the Winter

Yesterday I had a film and digital shoot with my friend and frequent collaborator Cate Hopkins. I’m going to start with one of the digital images. By the icy shores of Lake Ontario, on a very bright (if cold!) day, Cate wore a white dress and and white wig, and the combination was perfect for high key photography.

Ice PrincessNikon D7100, 50mm/1.8 Nikkor lens
Post-processing with Lightroom and Nik Efex


A Happy Accident

In film photography, so many accidents can be fatal: the accidental exposure of film, “developing” your film in fixer first, even loading a roll of film backwards so that no exposures result :-(. Occasionally though, a technical issue can result in a good image. The image below is from a roll that I developed yesterday morning, and there was an issue with the fixer chemical, leaving a fog in some frames. When I scanned the negative, however, the fog in this image resulted in a blue tinge/haze over much of the frame. Even though it was a black and white image, I scan my negatives in colour, hence the blue.

Since the subject matter is ice, the blue really fits in well. I am going to have a go at refixing the negative (since it will just get worse) over time, but in the meantime, I am enjoying this happy accident.


Happy Accident