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The Window

Another smartphone image today of a window in La Musee National des beaux-arts in Quebec City. The building is fascinating from an architectural point of view.

Whatever It Takes

Today, another image from my daily commute on the TTC. Again I took it using my iPhone, with the Hipstamatic app. For someone who is primarily known as a film photographer, this recent trend may be surprising to many people I know. However, I think I’d rather be known as someone who who used whatever worked to create an image that conveys what I saw and felt. Much of the time I will use film, but not always.

The rough, lo-fi look of the Hipstamatic to me is perfect for this subject, and this time of day (normally early morning, before 7 a.m.). It is a dark, gritty, unfocused time of day. With the iPhone I can take this images unobtrusively, in a manner not really possible with other cameras.


Two images

I took some more Hipstamatic images on the way to work today, and since I can’t decide between them, I’m going to post them both :-). The first one I like because of the blurred background on the left; rather than the interior of the subway train it looks like it could be part of a dream landscape.

On the way to work around 0630 on the subway

The second image is of the same rider a moment or two later; fatigue and life written clearly in the lines on his face.

On the way to work around 0630 on the subway


If I drove to work, I would miss these opportunities.

Face as Biography

I love looking at the people on the TTC (and since I have a one hour plus commute to work each day, I have plenty of time to look!).

Today’s image was taken on Sunday morning on the TTC. It’s been awhile since I have seen so much of the pain and weariness that life holds for some people etched on a person’s face.

So much living and pain