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Forgotten Frame

Yes I have too many cameras, and what can happen is a camera gets neglected for a while with a half shot roll of film and I forget what is on it until I develop. I finished a roll in my Nikon N90S 35mm SLR yesterday, and was surprised to see images from Heritage Park in Calgary from 2017. This image is from inside the Gasoline Alley exhibit.

Nikon N90S, Kodak TMax 400 film

In Motion

Trains always look like they are moving, even when standing still (which this train is doing in all but one of these images, taken at Heritage Park in Calgary).

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All images created using Nikon F4S, 28mm Nikkor or 17mm Tamron lens
Kodak TMax 400 film

Heritage Park #1

Today is the first of some digital images, since it will likely be at least a couple of weeks before I am back in my darkroom and able to develop the film I have shot out here. This past Saturday I checked out Heritage Park in Calgary. I noticed a large shed full of old farm equipment and took this detail.

iPhone 6+, Hipstamatic App