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Fall Colours

The fall colours in High Park, with leaves rustling in the breeze were a perfect backdrop yesterday for a photo shoot with Angela Saini, a  very talented Toronto area singer/songwriter/guitarist, for whom I was privileged some time ago to do my first album cover for her recording “Leap”  (Great album by the way!!).

Working with creative people such as musicians, writers, actors, dancers and artists is always very rewarding, and it’s no exception with Angela; I always see the songwriter’s spirit in images of her.

The image below is digital, but I also shot some black and white film; I can’t wait to get it developed!


Late Fall

Last Friday I had a vacation day, and the weather cooperated (finally!) for a shoot in High Park. When my subject (model and actor Justine Cargo) saw a huge pile of leaves, she literally made a beeline for it, with me doing my best to keep up 🙂

Justine Cargo014

(Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 80mm f2.8 lens, Ilford Delta 400 film @ box speed, HC-110 developer for 7.5 min)