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Back to St. James

Recently I returned to St. James Cemetery, this time with my recently acquired 20mm Nikkor wide angle lens. It was bright morning and the low angled sun provided a lot of interesting lighting. All images were taken on a Nikon F4, using Kodak TMax 400 film.


The Soviet-era Helios 44/2 lens (actually a 58mm lens, and a direct copy of the Zeiss Biotar 58mm lens) has a cult following for the way it renders out of focus areas at wide apertures. I recently got one that had been adapted to work on the Nikon F mount and still focus to infinity, and I have started to experiment with it. The person who did the work on the lens has an interesting YouTube video that explains the process.


Nikon F4, Helios 44/2 58mm lens
Rollei RPX25 film

Sun and Wind

Last Monday at Bluffer’s Park I noticed these plants. I liked the backlighting on them but the glare of the sun plus the breeze moving the plants around made for tricky shooting and it took a few attempts to get these two images using my Nikon F4 and 28mm lens, shooting on Rollei RPX film

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A Touch of Snow

Three images from my visit to Allan Gardens in Toronto last weekend. A light dusting of snow made for an interesting scene.




All images taken with Nikon F4, 20mm/2.8 Nikkor lens, Kodak Tmax 400 film
Developed in LegacyPro EcoPro Ascorbic Acid developer


I liked the look of this spot inside the Allan Gardens


Nikon F4, 20mm/2.8 Nikkor lens
TMax 400 film, developed in Legacy Pro EcoPro Ascorbic Acid developer