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A Trip to Liberty Village

I was recently visiting a friend in Liberty Village, Toronto. I took along my Olympus OM-2, loaded with a roll of Kodak Plus-X, over 20 years expired.

Starved for Colour

This image is from a few weeks ago when Winter seemed unwilling to loosen its hold. Some days you have to take colour from wherever you can find it.

Hasselblad 500CM, Agfa Portrait 160 Colour negative film
(expired in 2004 but stored frozen)

Lazarus Film

While looking for something else in my darkroom I came across something I didn’t know I had: a roll of Kodak Panatomic X film from the 1980’s obviously long-expired. Slow speed films tend to be usable long after their expiry dates so I gave it a shot. There was some staining on the negatives but with some work in post I got some usable images, like these two.


Another image from my extended photo walk this past weekend. The camera (Nikon F, late 60’s/early 70’s) was old. The lens (24mm Nikkor wide-angle, mid-late 60’s) was old. The film was some Kodak Max ISO 400, a number of years past its expiration date. (We won’t even mention the photographer!). The building is old. Put all this oldness together, and I like the result. 🙂

Old building off King St Toronto

Ancient Camera, Ancient Format, Ancient Film

This picture is certainly unremarkable at first glance, but there is a story behind it: it was taken with a Detrola E camera (made between 1938-1940). This camera took film in the 127 film format which rather difficult/expensive to get today, but the roll I shot expired in 1965! I would not have been too surprised if the roll did not turn out at all, but apart from low contrast (easily fixed) the pictures were fine,  and also much sharper than I expected!

Ancient Camera, Ancient Format, Ancient Film!