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The Magic of Slide Film

I think slide film has its one particular magic: holding a strip of slide film in one’s hand is like holdng a collection of little universes, with each image being a doorway into  each world. Today’s image is from a roll of Fuji slide film I shot in England this summer using my medium format Mamiya 645 Pro TL

Grounds of Hever Castle, England


The grounds of Hever Castle (childhood home of Ann Boleyn

Cutty Sark 1 (Above deck)

In Greenwich, England the famous Tea shipping vessel the Cutty Sark is on display. Looking at all the ropes (I guess I should call them sheets, to be accurate) one can really get a sense of how complicated and sophisticated a sailing vessel can be. In it’s own way, very high-tech!



(Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 55mm/2.8 lens, Tri-X film)

Inside St. Martin’s Church

Another image from England, inside what my be England’s oldest church, St. Martin’s in Canterbury (portions dating from the 600’s CE). A warm morning light was coming through a window, and illuminated wooden pews and cloth seat cushions.

St. Martin's


England has a lot of amazing buildings that make for great images, but it’s important to resist the temptation to stand back for the big picture, and pay attention to details, texture etc. I found this door on an otherwise nondescript old building in Canterbury.

Door Detail

The Golden Spiral

This is a view looking up at the base of the Tulip Stairs, in the Queen’s House, Greenwich, England. I was struck by the lines; it reminded me of the “Golden Spiral” mathematical construct (related to the Golden Rectangle, I believe). Although originally shot in colour, I prefer the black and white, with its inherent focus on line, light and shadow.

Tulip Stairs, Queen's House, Greenwich, Engand

A Sense of History

This image was created at the ruins of Battle Abbey in England, site of the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The location practically exudes a sense of history. This image is of a monk’s common room, and is one of the more well preserved spots in the structure. The very dim lighting forced me to use a digital camera with a high ISO (about 6400) to make a handheld image possible.


The Octagon Room

This image is of the “Octagon Room” at Greenwich Observatory in England. I was drawn to it by the its spare formality and open space, although I had to time my shot between groups of other tourists.



(Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 55mm f2.8 lens, Ilford HP5+ film developed in Tmax developer 1:9 for 15 minutes @ 24 degrees C)

England In a Different Light

Sorry I was not diligent in blog posting during my absence — I will get back on the wagon!

This image was created at a park in Canterbury, England, close to the ancient city wall. I used Rollei 400IR Infrared film, and a 72IR infrared filter, which is almost completely opaque to the naked eye, as it blocks most visible light, but allows infrared light to pass through. Even though it was a reasonably bright sunny morning, I had to put my camera (my Mamiya Pro 645 TL medium format) on a tripod, for exposures of .5 to 2 seconds in length.


England: Day 1

Too tired to do much photography after the all night flight (feeling seriously sleep deprived), but when I saw this street shot opportunity in Canterbury I had to grab it. 🙂

Two cyclists in Canterbury

Looking Ahead

Today’s image is a couple of years old, taken at low tide on the bank of the Thames in London, England. I’m posting it in anticipation of my next trip to England in July of 2013. I’m already debating how many (and which) cameras to take 🙂 I know the answer to “how many” won’t be one!

Low Tide in London