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Something New

Today’s image of the fall colours in Toronto’ St. James Cemetery is from the first roll of colour slide film I developed at home using the Argentix E6 development kit. Slide development is a fussy thing, and I don’t think I got it quite right, but it was definitely in the ballpark! It is not easy to get slide film developed in Toronto any more, so I was very happy to find a Canadian distributor for the development chemistry, as U.S. sellers aren’t allowed to ship these kind of chemicals across borders. I might not shoot E6 slide film all that much anymore, but I can at least say I’ve developed my own!

Fall colours, from my first home-develped roll of slide film!


Rolleiflex E3, 75mm/3.5 Xenotar lens
Fuji Velvia Slide film, home developed using Argentix E6 kit


The Magic of Slide Film

I think slide film has its one particular magic: holding a strip of slide film in one’s hand is like holdng a collection of little universes, with each image being a doorway into  each world. Today’s image is from a roll of Fuji slide film I shot in England this summer using my medium format Mamiya 645 Pro TL

Grounds of Hever Castle, England


The grounds of Hever Castle (childhood home of Ann Boleyn


Today’s image is from a recent shoot with the very talented Emily Decoteau. Although mainly a black and white shoot, I did shoot one roll of colour: some Fuji slide film, using a Nikon FE 35mm SLR, and a Nikon 105/f2.5 portrait lens (a classic lens that I got a steal of a deal on!). Although this is a colour shot, it is dominated by red. I had mentioned to Emily how well the red hair, dress and nails went together and she said, “you’d almost think I coordinated it this way!” and I realized that my alter ego Captain Obvious had struck again 🙂

The Colour Red