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Project 365: Week 1

One of my photography projects for 2023 is a “365” challenge: shoot at least one image per day, every day of the year. Most of the images will be digital (from my Sony a7ii or my iPhone 13 Pro Max). I will be posting images once per week.

The Right Approach

I am not a purist. While I love traditional film, I don’t get religious about it; I will use digital as well, when the situation calls for it. Today’s image is an example, shot with the talented and very creative model Emily Decoteau. I did use film as well for this shoot (currently hanging drying in my darkroom), but there is a certain kind of vibrancy in this image that I ascribe to the use of a digital camera. It will be interesting to compare this image to the film versions, and I suspect it won’t be better/worse,  just different.

Emily in Blue

Edge Cases

I made this image of the Thames, London, while standing on the Millennium bridge about 2 weeks ago.


Exposure was a 1/4 second, handheld. While I love old film cameras, without the VR technology on my D90, there is no way I could have created this image in a film camera, without a tripod,