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Easter Morning

I spent the first part Easter morning in a cemetery with my friend and fellow photographer Ori. I loved how the early morning sun was hitting this bench, and the effect of the stray twig.

2016 Easter SP007


Hasselblad 500C/M, 50mm/4 Distagon lens
Rollei SuperPan 200 film, developed in Rodinal 

A Road We’ll All Travel

This past Saturday I went again to St. James Cemetery in Toronto, and I liked the look of this freshly plowed road leading to a mausoleum. I used my 200mm/f4 lens on my Pentax 67, roughly equivalent to a 100-135mm telephoto lens in 35mm.

Road to the Mausoleum


Pentax 67, 200mm/f4 Pentax lens,
Tri-X developed on Xtol 1:1 for 9 minutes @ 20 C

Surprise Part 2

Today another image from a forgotten roll of film, which turned out to be from a photowalk in Toronto’s Mount Pleasant Cemetery in 2012. I’m glad I finally got around to developing this roll!

Bench in Cemetery