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This past Friday evening I photographed actor Justin Miller’s transformation into his character Pearle Harbour. Along with the digital images, I shot a roll of Tri-X at EI 800 on my Bessa R rangefinder, with my late 50’s-era Canon Serenar 50mm/1.8 lens. I was shooting wide-open at f1.8, at 1/30th of second, and I like the available light look of the image.

Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Justin Miller

Old Married Couple

With the ubiquity of cell phones, we are seeing fewer and fewer pay phones; they are increasingly seen as obsolete, and the ones that are still around tend to be in pretty rough shape. These two outside the Bathurst subway station seem different; they are both in decent condition, and seem determined to maintain dignity and a sense of purpose. In a sense, they remind me of an old married couple: not flashy, but dedicated and devoted.

Old Married Couple(Canon 7 35mm rangefinder, 50mm/f2 Jupiter 8 lens,
Fomapan 100 film,

developed in Tmax developer for 9 minute)