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The Bridge Revisited

I love this bridge on Queen Street a bit west of Broadview Avenue in Toronto, and the 15mm lens suits it.



Voigtlander Bessa R 35mm Rangefinder, 15mm/4.5 Voigtlander Super Heliar lens
EDU 400 film, developed in TMax developer 1+9 for 12 minutes @ 20 C

Large and Small

Here is another image from Lethbridge: the large trestle bridge in the background, the humble pedestrian bridge in the foreground. I found the juxtaposition interesting.

Big Bridge and Small Bridge


(Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 80mm/2.8 lens, shot on Tri-X @ E.I. 1000 developed in Diafine 3+3)

Sometimes It’s About What You Don’t See

Normally, Tuesdays on this blog are reserved for “Time-warps”, pictures taken some time ago, as opposed to recent images. Today things will be different; since it’s my birthday, I will indulge in a break from routine and post an image I captured a couple of hours ago. As I write this, it is a beautiful sunny morning in Cologne, but the day started out with the city wrapped in a dense, swirling fog. I grabbed my camera and ran out outside the hotel to capture it before it burned off. My favourite image is below.

Fog and Bridge, Cologne

There is a symbolism here; the bridge shows the direction of travel, but the destination is a shrouded mystery; I won’t be able to see it until I get there. The bridge is life, and the destination is the future, and getting there is half the fun.