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Under a Bridge

I am really enjoying using Flic Film‘s Black, White & Green Developer. Environmentally friendly, economical and I love the results. This is from under a bridge in Toronto. The HP5 Plus film was pushed one stop but the grain still looks good.

Fujica GW690 camera
Ilford HP5 Plus developed in Black, White & Green


Inside one of the art structures on the Beaches. This image (taken with my Kodak Medalist I on respooled Tri-X) was not easy to focus!

Bill Beaches018

Coffee and Portrait

I met up with my friend Jennifer yesterday at a Starbucks here in Toronto, and it marked the first time I have done a portrait shoot inside a busy downtown coffee shop. I was shooting with my Kodak Medalist which does not have the closest focusing lens (but otherwise a great piece of glass). Shooting wide open at f3.5 on Kodak Tmax 400 film, developed in Xtol and post work with Nik Efex.

23027844289_335d03c49c_h (1)

One More From Todmorden Mills

I decided to post one more from my visit to this great location last Sunday morning. This tree does have a great shape: to me it looks like a hand making a gesture.


Kodak Medalist I, 100mm/3.5 lens. Tri-X respooled for 620,
6×9 neg. developed in Xtol 1+1 for 9 minutes @ 20 C

Medalist at the Mill

Two more from my visit to Todmorden Mills last Saturday Morning, this time shot with my Kodak Medalist, on Respooled Tri-X A bit of fogging on the edges but not affecting the image). I love that morning light!

Mills Medalist009
Mills Medalist012