Outside Looking In

With all coffee shops closed right now for eat-in here in Ontario because of the Omicron variant (and this is right decision), my Only Cafe Portrait Series is obviously paused. And so a new project, called Outside Looking In, where I take pictures of the interiors of closed restaurants, coffee shops and pubs, from the outside, looking through the glass. Here are the first three images (various cameras and film)

Struggling on a Wintery Day

Recently there was a film photowalk on a rather wintery day in Toronto. I was out with my nearly sixty year old Zenit 3M SLR with my 44 Helios lens. The viewfinder quickly got wet/ obscured in the snow, and it was very hard to focus. Not much was sharp that day!

Enjoying a Petzval lens

A good friend of mine lent me his Lomography Petzval 55 MKII lens, and I went out with it for the first time earlier today. I love this lens! It uses the Petzval optical formula from the mid nineteenth century to create the characteristic swirl.