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4×5 in Colour

When my 1860’s Petzval lens was made, colour photography was only entering its earliest experimental phase, so it was fun to try the lens with Fuji Provia 100F colour slide film during my recent shoot with Kristen. I developed the film with the Rapid E6 kit from I love the muted colours produced by this uncoated lens. The sad thing is I only have 10 more sheets of this film, now discontinued 😦

Colour slide with 4x5

Natalia By the Tree

This is the second post featuring an image from my shoot with Natalia Nix last week. I am surprised this one turned out; the light made it hard to see in the viewfinder of my Rolleiflex and it was so humid I was literally sweating into the viewfinder. Even though the original scene was very dull, I went with a high key look on the final version of the shot, taken on Tri-X.

Natalia by the Tree

By the Crypt

I had the pleasure yesterday of working for the first time with Natalia Nyx, who is a photographer in her own right, and obviously talented on both sides of the lens! Yesterday, on a very dull and muggy afternoon, we shot at St. James Cemetery here in Toronto. I had three cameras with me, including the Speed Graphic and Petzval, and an image from that camera is what I am starting with. (Shot on HP5+ film) More images of Natalia from this shoot to come!

By the crypt

Zoë 3

The third of the images of the shoot with Zoe this past weekend was created with my 1860’s era Petzal Brass lens, mounted on my 4×5 Speed Graphic. Hard to focus, and a cumbersome shooting experience, but the results are so worth it when I get it!

Zoe with Petzval lens


Ilford FP4+ sheet film, developed in Tmax Dev

Zoë 2

The second image from my recent photo shoot withZoë, this time with my Mamiya 645 Pro TL, the most “modern” (relatively speaking) of the cameras I took along for the shoot. Film was one of my last rolls of Plus-X in medium format. F

Zoe in the mamiya

Zoë 1

Yesterday I had a great shoot with Zoë, a talented friend from the theatre world. I was packing three very different film cameras, so I will write three separate blog posts, one for each camera. Today’s image was taken with my Zenit 3M 35mm SLR and Helios 44/2 lens, shot wide open with a yellow filter. Its background swirl and bokeh are unique. I added some vignetting in post to the negative scan.

Zoë 1

Familiar Ground

It is nice to combine a familiar location (Guildwood Park in Scarborough) with a model and collaborator I have worked with many times (Cate). Except for a million flying insects, last Monday was a great day for shooting.


Nikon D7100, 50mm/1.8 Nikkor D lens
Post editing in LightRoom and Nik Efex

Channeling the Winter

Yesterday I had a film and digital shoot with my friend and frequent collaborator Cate Hopkins. I’m going to start with one of the digital images. By the icy shores of Lake Ontario, on a very bright (if cold!) day, Cate wore a white dress and and white wig, and the combination was perfect for high key photography.

Ice PrincessNikon D7100, 50mm/1.8 Nikkor lens
Post-processing with Lightroom and Nik Efex


Another Shoot With Naima

On Sunday I had another shoot with Naima, this time outdoors on a decidedly chilly day, in the ravine near Yonge and St. Clair. Naima was a real trooper and did not let the cold get in the way of a great shoot.



Zenit 3m 35mm SLR, Helios 44/2 58mm f2 lens
Tri-X @ EI 800, developed in Diafine 3 + 3