Category: Macro

After the Rain

I was out recently early in the morning. It had rained overnight, and I love the look of raindrops on plants, especially in black and white.

Sony A7ii, Olympus 50mm/f3.5 macro lens

Light Patterns

I liked the look of the light through the blinds on a detail of an old hand tool.

Nikon N90s, 55mm/3.5 Micro-Nikkor lens
Kodak TMax 400 film, developed in Microdol-X


One thing I never seem to do much of is macro (close-up) photography. Last weekend I shot a roll of macro work on my Mamiya RZ67 and 65mm/4.5 lens. Being a bellows camera, the RZ 67 can extend quite a bit, and the 65mm can focus quite closely.

Mamiya RZ67,65mm/f4.5 lens
Fuji Neopan Acros, semi-stand developed in Rodinal

New Colour

I recently bought some Lomography brand C-41 400 speed colour film and am happy with the results so far! This image was taken inside the Greenhouse in the Allan Gardens in Toronto. I used my Rolleiflex 3.5E3, with a Rollinar #2 close-up lens attached.

Hassy Flowers006

Three Sentences From a Manual

Here is my first picture (a close up of a shell) from my Voigtlander Avus, a folding camera (9×12 cm plate) almost a century old. Something that really struck me was three sentences from the manual:

“Each camera is supplied with 3 three plate holders. When going on a day’s trip six holders may be required. On longer journeys twelve may be required.”

When you consider that each plate holder only holds one exposure, the importance of a thoughtful, selective approach to photography is really underscored. Imagine going out with a DSLR and only one memory card, with a capacity of six images.

An interesting exercise, to be sure.