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Another Album Cover!

Today, “In the Beginning” by George “Saint Vybz” Chapman was released. I did the photography for this recording last year, and the cover image was taken using Fuji FP-3000b instant black and white film (recently discontinued by Fuji, boo!) with my Mamiya Universal Press Camera. I used the negative scanning technique for a nice gritty look. 🙂 It was a lot of fun working with George, and my good friend “Stevie Z” at Badly Bent Records for this project! People who read my blog on a regular basis and/or check out my Flickr stream might be able to figure out the location 🙂

In The Beginning Album Artwork Booklet Cover


One final image from the shoot with Arnika last weekend, and again this is one of the reclaimed negatives from a Fuji FP-100C instant print.

Scanning these negatives is a challenge — they don’t have the orange background mask that conventional C-41 negatives do, and film scanners invariably get confused. It took a couple of tries, but I ended up with this tonality tha I really like, faded in a retro kind of way that reminds me a bit of the Autochrome process from a century ago.


Out of Control

Another from my Guild Wood shoot with Arnika this past Sunday. This time, I used the negative from a Fuji FP-100C instant colour print. the black backing is removed with bleach, and the developer “goop” from the emulsion side is gently cleaned off with lukewarm water. I like the colours this process gives me: retro, but with a raw intensity, not even pretending to be accurate.


Mother’s Day

Today’s image was created with a first generation Polaroid SX-70 camera, and Impossible Project Color Protection instant film. In terms of a concept, the image started off as a technical exercise, but then the symbolism of dying flowers a week after Mother’s Day came to mind, and I thought of my own mother, who passed away around Mother’s Day a few years ago.

A Week After Mother's Day

Project 6-3-1 Update

Today’s image is from my 6-3-1 project. I had a shoot yesterday with rapper/Hip Hop artist Saint Vybz.He’s busy recording an album, which is being produced by my friend Stevie Z. I used my Mamiya Universal Press camera, 127mm f4.7 lens with red 25A filter, on Fuji FP3000B instant film. This is a scan of the negative.  I thought the grit suited the mood we were going for.

Hip Hop Negative Scan

In the Moment

I had a lot of fun (except for balky flash triggers!) yesterday in a photo shoot with Kira Hall, a talented Toronto actress. She did an amazing job with hair, make-up and wardrobe, and as an actress, she was able to provide great expressions!

Kira - Instant Negative Scan 1

Another Instant Hybrid

Today’s image is another example of starting with the negative from a Fuji FP3000B instant print, with some post work and toning. The model Luna is a graphic arts student. I love working with artists, actors, musicians etc. They get it! 🙂

Luna 2

Hybrid Approach

Here is one more image from Michigan: I found I had three more instant film negatives to scan, and I decided to do some extensive post-processing on this one, adding some glow and toning. I love being able to mix the best of old and new photographic technologies together!


One Last Image from Michigan

Here is one final image from my shoot last week in Michigan. The original image was a instant film exposure text image taken inside the log cabin before the model arrived. I thought the negative scan of this image suited the textures and the rustic look of setting.

Interior of Log Cabin, Troy, Michigan