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A Different World

Coming home from work the other day, waiting for the bus at Broadview station I noticed this woman. She seemed to be in a different world, standing almost at attention, looking straight ahead, but with her eyes almost completely closed. It was impossible to really get a sense of what was going on.

Going Home


On the subway to work this morning, the intensity of this man’s expression caught my attention; he spent the whole time whispering to himself under his breath.

Intensity of Expression

Face as Biography

I love looking at the people on the TTC (and since I have a one hour plus commute to work each day, I have plenty of time to look!).

Today’s image was taken on Sunday morning on the TTC. It’s been awhile since I have seen so much of the pain and weariness that life holds for some people etched on a person’s face.

So much living and pain

Waiting for the Moment

This image was created last night, on the subway on my way home. I noticed this person as I got on the train, but she was always looking down. Then a baby started getting fussy, and I knew that it would only be a matter of time before she looked up.

Distracted by Crying infant


I took this image on the subway on a trip downtown this afternoon. I was struck by the fact that they were sharing music via one headphone jack, but apart from that they were both in their own worlds: no words, glances etc. were exchanged until it was time to get off the train. Mysterious and intriguing!



Five days a week I am on the TTC, early. The image today was taken this morning on the Kipling bus, at about 6:50 a.m. You haven’t seen fatigue until you see transit riders at this time of day, and today was no exception.

Fatigue 0650

A Gift of Luck

If you shoot lots of frames, you are bound to get lucky, in terms of getting more in an image than you expected. After two days of being more or less housebound due to back pain, I made it out this evening to have dinner with my two daughters, and on the way home I quietly snapped a frame “from the hip” with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app, at Broadview Station. When I looked at the frame I was struck by a dividing line that bisects the image, through the woman’s head. I like it!

Broadview Station

On the Edge

I like taking pictures of people on public transit here in Toronto, and as I have a long commute to work, I have plenty of opportunity! I take the pictures on the sly most of the time, and an iPhone is perfect for this stealth photography. I also like the look of the various Hipstamatic vintage effects. I don’t know for sure if this woman realized I was taking her picture, but I think she realized on some level that something was going on — her look is unsettling, and fascinating, and I like the random hand forcing its way into the image

Eyes and hand


It has been quite awhile since I have seen non-expired colour infrared film available for sale. Black and white is easy to get, though not inexpensive, but not colour, so today I have a faux-infrared image taken with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic application. When I walk to from the bus stop to my office I pass large power lines and towers every day, and I am always struck by the lines and drama.