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Only in Colour

Today I’m posting one more image from Bluffer’s Beach on January 1st, 2017. It was originally shot in black and white (the only film I had with me), but the image really didn’t work that way, so I added so hand tinting with pencil crayons to a inkjet print.


Nikon F2, 28mm/2.8 Nikkor lens
JCH StreetPan 400 @ E.I. 320
developed in HC-110 dilution B for 5 minutes @ 20 C
Hand-tinted print

Dominance of Colour

Today’s image of the amazingly talented Jennifer is another hand-tinted print, so by definition it started out as a monochrome image. What I did with the hand-tinting though is try to create another mainly monochrome image, with just hints of purple and flesh tone here and there. I was going for intensity.

Hand Tint in Guildwood Park

Not What You’re Thinking

Today’s image is a hand-tinted print of Ren from the steampunk shoot; I’ll be giving this print to her later today. You might be thinking that the bicycle was tinted orange to make it surrealistic, but actually the bike is this colour in real life; it is chained more or less permanently as a piece of art in a back alley on the U of T campus in downtown Toronto

Ren Hand Tint

True Colours

This is my second hand-tinted print where the colours are somewhat surrealistic. It is model Keira, taken in Kensington Market, where the colours are already a bit surrealistic, to my eye.

Keira in Keinsonton Park

A New Approach

Today’s image is another hand-tint, but unlike all my others, there are no people in the image, and I am making no attempt to be realistic. Ive been thinking of trying more surrealistic hand-tinted prints, and this is my first attempt. I shot the original black and white image of Pompeii last year during our trip to Italy.

neg scanScan-120825-0001