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A Moment In Time

Love locks capture a moment in time. I look at them and wonder how the stories they tell evolved. Was the permanence an illusion?

Olympus OM-1, Eastman Double X film
Olympus OM-1, Eastman Double X film

Loving the Swirl

I was in the Beaches again this past weekend, and my lens of choice was my 58mm/f2 Helios 44/2. I love the overall look and swirl of this lens when used wide open!

Forty-One Years Ago

Every now and then I get reminded of the passage of time. I recently ran across these old slides of flowers in my mother’s garden that I shot as a 15 year old in the summer of 1977. I had just gotten my first SLR, my Yashica TL-Electro (which I still have!) a few months prior. This was my first time shooting colour slide film, some private label pre-rolled Ektachrome. The lens was the Yashinon 50mm f1.9, using extension tubes for close focus.

A Tiny Chair

This chair (meant for a doll) was made from clothes pegs. I thought it look interesting in the light that came through the blinds.

Nikon N90s 35mm SLR, 55m/f3.5 Micro-Nikkor lens
Kodak TMax 400 film, developed in Microdol-X

End of a Roll

If you’re a 35mm film shooter you’ve been here: you have a couple of blank frames on a roll of film, and you don’t want to waste them so you look for something, anything to shoot to finish the roll. That was the case for this image: I wanted to see the other shots on the roll, had a few shots left, so on a day where the sun shone brightly onto a table in our sunroom, I got the idea of putting a mask in the sunlight and shooting it with my 55mm Micro-Nikkor macro lens. Very happy with the results!

OPen Streets F4 UN54 002

Nikon F4S, 55mm/3.5 Micro-Nikkor lens
Orwo UN54 film developed in Tmax Developer