About John Meadows

I started doing photography as a teenager in the 1970’s, and keep coming back to it.

19 thoughts on “About John Meadows

  1. Greetings, John.

    I attended the G20/20 hindsight photo expo a couple months ago, and I saw a few photos (not sure which artists took them) that I am interested in purchasing prints of. I was wondering if you know the names of the organizers of the event so i can try to get in touch with them about specific photos that intrigued me.


    Bryan Law.


  2. Hi John, I enjoyed your 7/4/12 interview on the Photography.CA podcast. You mentioned the availability of reasonable medium format cameras for hundreds of dollars. Could you mention a few models that fall into this category. Your interview left me curious to try this out as an alternative to me digital 365mm work.
    Thank you,


    1. Hi Cliff:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show!!

      Here are some recommendations of cameras that shouldn’t break the bank:


      Mamiya M645 series – these cameras use 120 format film, but shoot frames that are 6 cm x 4.5 cm (15 shots a roll). The Mamiya lenses are amazing!

      Mamiya RB67 – this is a camera that shoots 10 6cm x 7cm frames on a roll of 120. A big beast of a camera; back in the day it (and its successor the RZ67) were mainstays in studio environments

      There is also affordable gear from Bronica in this class as well, but I have not used it so I can’t give too many details

      TLR’s (Twin len reflex)

      The Yashica Twin lens reflexes are quite affordable — just avoid the cheaper Yashicor lenses and insist on the better Yashinon lenses

      Also the Rolleicord’s are very good as well; these were the budget versions of the famous (and more expensive) Rolleiflex TLR. Avoid the Triotar lenses!

      Does this help?


  3. hi, john!
    in fact i should say its a hi form one countryman to another….i used to live in ontario…toronto downtown….but that freezing rain of yours finally made me run to warmer climes with my tail firmily between my legs…!
    great post! hope you dont mind me spreading the word by reblogging!


  4. Dear John, a year ago I move from my homeland to abroad due to my work, since than I relight my photography hobby using my dreamed cameras, today affordable. Due to some difficulties to find places to develop, I bought the gear and I’m doing myself, I feel in heaven…the only real dissatisfaction are in my prints, after development I’m having problems due to quality of my scanning mode. First I bought from Amazon the Wolverine F2D Might, but it sucks on definition where digitalizing, than a start taking Macro pictures with my Panasonic snap-shot camera using a backlit, but definition still low and corners are blurred due to lens proximity. Third I bought a LOMOGRAPHY smartphone film scanner which is the worse of then. Please, give me an light to an affordable way to scan my negatives. I want to keep shooting my Black&white film forever but I’m disappointed with my results.




  5. Hey John:
    Great to see MPP back on the airwaves! I’ve just returned to Toronto for a few months of work, and am in the market for a 4×5 Speed Graphic and/or a Graflex RB (either the Series B or the Super D model). Now that you’re jettisoning your 4×5 gear, if you have either available for sale, I’d be very interested.

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  6. Hi John … I’m curious if you’d be able to recommend a solid, starter digital camera. I’d like to get back into photography but would like to experiment with digital for now.


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