Two Images, One Story

As I write this post, the anger and revulsion is raw from the murders in Paris today. Two images I took on the bus ride home from work today seemed to resonate, and in at least one sense contrast today’s hateful tragedy.
This first image is of someone who was having an animated conversation with (or was talking at) the person sitting opposite him on the bus. I had my headphones on, and listening to music too loud as normal, so I could not hear what he was saying.


The second picture is of two young women who were sitting nearby in the bus. I noticed the woman speaking to the man, and something made me take of my headphones. She was accusing him of saying something racist, and he was denying it, as he was getting off the bus at his stop.


What was interesting was that the young woman made her views know respectfully, and politely. She did not raise her voice or engage in any abusive language. For his part, the main whom she accused, while denying her accusation likewise did not become abusive or threatening. While they could not complete their discussion, it was hard for me not to believe (or at least hope) that they might have been able to eventually reach some kind of understanding. I was especially impressed by the behaviour, actions and bravery of the young woman. Hers is the face of a future where racism and intolerance could be tossed on history’s ash heap.

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